→ Who needs a heart when a heart can be broken

Galleri Box, Göteborg, 10.11 - 10.12 2023
4 channel video installation, 14.52 min

In a multi-channel video installation one encounters the four archetypes Weaver, Cosmos, Blood and Caretaker. The characters exist somewhere in the threshold between living and dead materia, between the corporeal and the constructed, in an isolated connection where the border between the self and the environment is blurred. Together they form a sculptural machinery where movements are repeated from human to virtual body. At times the lonely voices join into a common choir. Through sounds which create words and form new meanings, they formulate questions about what it means to be a body; to long, feel and remember.

Concept, installation, video, text: Tina Damgaard
Soundscape and voice: Elin Finnsdotter Engström
Choreography, voice, movement: Sarah Lee Armstrong

Photos by David Eng