→ Echo of Cyan

Xenon Scene, Huset-KBH
25 - 26 january 2020

To move deeper into Cyan
Pierce through its outer layer
What separates you from them

Inside, you are a particle of Cyan
All there is
Reflection and dispersion of light 
Waves in different length and intensities

When the first drop falls
The rings start
Shifting from inert to motion
through the veins
One drop at a time

Their desire to absorb and inhale
Through forgotten organs
Forces you to see the back of your eyes

Escape from the defined body
Liquid matter
Dissolving lines
cast a shadow through the haze

As the last drop runs out
You have become the Echo 

In Echo of Cyan, we worked with visual material reminiscent of fleshy organs and bodily fluids. These visceral elements became the skin, lungs and blood of the body, we named Cyan. The music became its pulse and voice, the IV bags its veins and the movements of the performers and the audience became the poison that activated the room and intoxicated it. By the use of sensors that trigger interactive sound sculptures, the performers were able to disturb and interfere with the soundscape.

This immersive performance installation was performed in collaboration with dancer Sarah Lee Armstrong and musicians Kulma.

Room installation and performance by Last Oblivion
Sounds by Kulma
Performance by Sarah Lee Armstrong
Guest sounds by Fabienne Erato
3d rendering by Martin Carlsson
Curated by PARA