→ Institute of Broken Hearts

Christianshavns Beboerhus, Copenhagen 
29 - 31 October 2020

The Institute of Broken Hearts is a two hour immersive performance installation, exploring and dissecting the effects of a collective broken heart. It was developed in collaboration with 20 artists, dancers, musicians and performers. In this year of pandemic and global pain, working together with Christianshavns Beboerhus, we explored the idea of an institute as a physical place where stories of deception, pain, empathy, but also new hope is told and shared. 

During the performance, the audience is divided into three groups of eight, that simultaneously move through the house. The narrative takes a starting point in Dante’s Inferno. Following the structure of the journey, the audience is guided through the nine circles of the institute, by one of the three “Shades”. Inspired by the way Dante is facing his own sins, the visitors encounter stories that might reflect some of their own fears and hopes, their own experience of a broken heart.

Artists: Alberte Mortensen (DK), Alice Presencer (UK), Anna Østergaard Laursen (DK), Elena Biner (CH), Cecilie Kjær (DK), David Eng (SE), Emilie Jungersen (DK), Evil House Party (DK), Gloria Berenice Moreno (IT), Hanna Larsson (SE), Ingvild Bertelsen (NO), Irene Kleisdorff Hougaard (DK),
Karoline Severinsen (DK), Last Oblivion(DK), Lea Gregersen (DK), Low lov (FR), Marianna Minasova (BY), Martin Carlsson (SE), Morteza Kasravi, Offermose (DK), Nicol Malesa (DK), Patricia Petersen (DK), Tina Damgaard (SE)

Producers / concept / script: Last Oblivion, Alberte Mortensen
Overall scenography /costumes: Last Oblivion, Alberte Mortensen
Sound: Offermose

With sound excerpts from:
"Att korsa den flod som kommer dränka oss alla" 
(Hanna Larsson + David Eng)
"What rough beast, its hour come round at last" (Patricia Petersen)

Camera: Anders Nydam, Malin Annie Johansson, 
Cecilie Penney
Editing: Tina damgaard, Elena Biner