→ Aural Storm

15.9 - 28.10 2022
Garage Gallery , Prague, Czech Republic
Immersive performance installation 

Aural Storm
is an immersive performance installation exploring notions of desire, voyeurism, social structures and loss of power through an us and them narrative. Built on a constant feeling of watching and being watched, Aural Storm intertwines spatial installation, performance, sound, text and sculpture to build a strangely familiar and uncanny universe. The magnetic field of solar winds is used as a metaphor for how an uncontrolled force can impact the fictional community  Penumbra. How  does one, in a polarised society, connect with the surrounding bodies? 

Aural Storm is thematically permeated by different materials connected to corrosion. The visitors gets absorbed in a transformed space, inviting them to share and change this incandescent world’s physical environment. In the 5 different rooms of Penumbra, overgrown with rust, the inhabitant’s fey stories continually resist conformity. Similarly to the journey of a video game, visitors are able to move freely and interact with the different parts of the installation.

Concept, Production, installation: 
Tina Damgaard & Elena Biner
Soundscape: Offermose
Performers: Tina Damgaard, Elena Biner,  
Lenka Bondorová, Aron Lodi, Esther Babulik
Costume: Tina Damgaard & Elena Biner