17.3-26.3 2023
NEJD, Gothenburg

5 channel video installation
24 min

Through archival material and found footage, the work approaches the processes that shapes, destroys and rebuilds the world as we understand it – from the social to the deeply personal. The ruin represents something that has been but no longer exists, but also a process which can range from the grand and historical to individual stories. Ruins and other fragments remain as artefacts left behind by the march of time; epochs that will never return, societies in permanent flux and uppheaval, but also small scale traumas and triumphs. Utopian visions and violent iconoclasm stand side by side where human, technology and society makes their imprints, creating cultural feedback loops.The work presents a large body of material – from grandiose city planning and house occupation, obsessed individuals and viral trends, decaying industrial towns, instruction videos, primal scream therapy, Google maps, Lego models and burning cathedrals. What first appears as unrelated things and phenomena become tied together through common elements, highlighting similarities in disparate shapes.

Participants: Joseph Björk Linderoth, Tina Damgaard, David Eng, Hanna Larsson, Markus Samnell, Malene Valentin