Xenon Scene, Huset-KBH
25-26 january 2020

The Echo of Cyan is a 45 minute immersive performance installation exploring the idea of the room as a living organism. The piece was performed in collaboration with dancer Sarah Lee Armstrong (DK) and musicians Kulma (Anders Nydam (DK), Christian Berg (SE), Tobias Eidevald (SE) and Daniel Norling (SE)).

With the use of sensors, projections, water, light, sound and visual echo, the room was in a constant motion, evolving through the dialog between the musicians, the performers and the audience. We worked with questions like: If the room is a living organism, how would it inhale? How would it absorb? What would pierce through its skin? How would its transformation echo through time? Everything entering the space: sound, bodies, visitors, alters the state of the room, they intoxicate the entity.

Room installation and performance by Last Oblivion
Sounds by
Performance by
Sarah Lee Armstrong
Guest sounds by
Fabienne Erato
3d rendering by
Martin Carlsson
Curated by PARA